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American Massage Therapy Association

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Gerrianne Onisto, LMTGerrianne Onisto, Owner of Body Wellness, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a 2003 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, is licensed by the State of Connecticut and is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Gerri specializes in tailoring her massage to each individual, working on meeting their specific needs. Gerri uses a very gentle approach, always maintaining client comfort. When needed, she will incorporate several different techniques to work deeper into the muscle tissue to release accumulated tension in the body. The results are deep relaxation, pain relief and stress reduction. Gerri is also a Reiki Master and can incorporate Reiki into any massage session if desired.

Gerri regularly attends professional workshops and seminars in order to increase her clinical knowledge and enhance her skills and techniques to better meet the needs of her clients.

"Working as a massage therapist has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Being able to impact a person's life in a postive way is truly an honor and a privilege." ~ Gerri


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Gerri is the Best

It's simple. Just hire Gerri, and ask for the 90 min. "Signature" massage, then trust her to do the rest. Afterwards, you'll feel relaxed and renewed. Gerri is the most skilled and professional massage therapist from whom I have received care. Once you find something good, you stick with it. :-) ~ Mark P. 9/6/17

Supreme Relaxation!

Gerrianne was fantastic! She is professional, experienced, and really knows how to get you to relax! This was an amazing stress relief. No more backache or headache for me! I highly recommend her and will be returning! ~ Julie S. 5/5/17


Always Amazing

I would go every week if I could. Hands down the best place to go. The name says it all...Body Wellness. ~ Jennifer S. 2/3/17


Gerri has a way of reading your body thru her hands. Focusing on areas she feels are tight or stressed and giving relief to your body. Quality of Life is so important and that's what Gerri gives us lucky clients when she works on our bodies. Thank you! ~ Elly D. 1/24/17

Great Massage!

I had a great experience at body wellness!. Easy to make appointment, friendly and clean environment. I will definitely recommend and go back! ~ Chera Bickmore 1/22/17


I enjoyed my massage very much. The atmosphere was relaxing and calm. I felt all my knots and my pain melt away. I highly recommend Body Wellness for therapeutic massage. ~ Karolina Jessica 1/18/17

Bw massage

My husband gave me a 50.00 gift certificate for a massage. My only complaint is that I wish he made it for a higher amount. A half hour was definitely not long enough. But I enjoyed every minute!!!! I will absolutely go back, but for an hour + ~ Laura C. 1/3/17

Excellent treatment

My massage therapist was excellent. I got there late due to traffic and they accommodated me which I appreciated. The place was clean, service was excellent and I was relaxed at the end of it all. ~ Victoria Keeshan 11/27/16


Gerrianne is the best massage therapist I have EVER been to! I have a lot of neck and back problems, but a massage once a month does wonders. She will not disappoint! ~ Melissa M. 11/12/16

Always amazing

I have been going to bodywellness for over 6 years. I dont think I could manage without my monthly massage. Geri always asks which muscle group is bothering me and concentrates on that area. I always feel better when I leave. ~ Betsy 10/23/16


Fantastic, professional, and well-tailored to individual needs. Love the ability to schedule online. ~ Barbara Michalek 9/22/16

As always...

I benefit from with Gerrianne's therapy every other month (more than that, and I would feel indulgent—it's like going on vacation every other month), and after perhaps 6 or so sessions, I learned to just go for 90 minutes and trust her to combine techniques based on what she finds or thinks I need. She is that good. Do the Signature massage, and trust. You'll walk out better than you walked in. ~ Mark P. 9/7/16

Simply amazing

I had a wonderful massage by Gerri. She always seems to put my body back in the right "state of mind" and I thank her for that. ~ J.C. 8/29/16

Amazing massage

I received a deep tissue massage and it was amazing. I was able to tell the massage therepist what was too much for me and shes was awesome. She even gave me some stretches to help with a lower back injury ive been trying to fix for a while. I will definitely go back and reffer my friends and family to this place.!! ~ Ashely H. 5/16/16


Just what I needed. You just walk in the door and you feel calmer. I have had two different therapists and both were great. Easy to schedule online. I really do recommend them to friends and family often! ~ J.R. 3/19/16

I recommend treating yourself to Body Wellness therapy

As a client of Body Wellness for three years now, I am very satisfied with stress and pain reduction in my spine from years of physical activity with monthly visits. I highly recommend Body Wellness. ~ S.R. 3/16/16

Always a great/professional experience

Always have a great massage. Fairly priced, close to home, sometimes can get appointment that day. Clean, safe, relaxing environment. ~ Tiffany Warzecha 4/12/15

Swedish massage

Gerianne is the best! I always feel wonderful after her massages. Can't wait for the next hour with her. ~ Aud Kaalstad 1/22/14



Gerianne is always wonderful. She is attentive and listens to your needs. Her hands have the ability to heal. ~ Alison/Miranda Bliss 1/18/14



Gerrianne Dickinson has the hands of an angel. My back feels a million times better after going there. It was the first time I ever got a massage and she made me feel so comfortable and at such a zen place. She has not seen the last of me!! Best experience ever, best person ever. ~ Allison Wheeler 8/1/13



Gerri spares no time in listening verbally and physically feeling the areas of the body that need attention and healing with her excellent sensory of what is going on and zeroing in on these areas. Gerri has been a blessing in my life and I am so happy to have her to work with me as I look for wellness in my life. Gerri is more than a massage therapist she is a partner in wellness. If you are lucky enough to be treated by her it will be an experience you will never forget. ~ Ellen Dougherty 7/24/13


Need a Massage?

If you are thinking of trying a massage this is the place to go. Gerry spends time asking what your issues are and where you are having pain, and concentrates her energy on those areas. I am amazed at how well I sleep the night after I have a massage. Wish I could go every week! ~ Betsy C. 4/3/13


Absolutely Amazing!

A massage or Reiki session with Gerri is more than just body work. Gerri is highly skilled, very intuitive, and works on levels beyond the physical body. She helps all levels of the being which include mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When leaving an appointment with her, I am always happier, clearer and more relaxed. She is a true gift to this planet and any one who receives body work from Gerri is very fortunate. ~ Kristen Werblow 4/5/13



I walked out of Body Wellness feeling great. Haven't felt that good in a long, long time. Gerri great as always. Would recommend folks try it once guarantee they will book more appts. ~ Jean G. 9/27/12


"I love going to Body Wellness! I'm always happier when I leave. Gerri is great! I Highly recommend them to everyone I know!" ~ Kathy C. 9/25/12


"I am always amazed at how much better I feel after my massage. The energy that I have and the lack of tension makes me feel invincible for the whole day. Gerri is one of the nicest people I've ever met and a very skilled massage therapist as well." ~ Betsy C. 8/22/12


"I had a massage with Gerri and she is terrific. She is focused on the client and making the experience holistic. I felt centered and rejuvenated after my massage." ~ J.C. 5/29/12


"Best massage around. Gerri is wonderful. Just had a massage yesterday and fell asleep on the table. What more can you say." ~ Paula N. 5/9/12


"Getting a regular massage is my favorite indulgence. My work as a carpenter is very physical and Gerri's ministrations keeps the kinks and soreness at bay." ~ M.K.


"I have attended Therapeutic Massage establishments for many years. Gerri /Body Wellness, provides results 'above and beyond' the others. She also helps my wife Lisa, who has MS, and Lisa feels the same way about Gerri. Thank goodness Gerri is close for Lisa, and that we found her excellent service." ~ Steve Giarratana


"I have been going to Gerri since she started her career many years ago and I can honestly say she makes me feel better both physically and mentally! I have been to 2 others but nothing compares. Would highly reccomend to anyone!" ~ Chris G.


"No words can describe how much Gerri has helped me. She is bar none, the best massage therapist I've had. Thank you thank you thank you. Book an appointment. You will not be disappointed." ~ Alison B.


"I received a gift certificate as a Christmas present and am so glad that I did. I experience chronic pain and was able to discuss my concerns about my pain beforehand with Geri as well as afterwards. Geri was wonderful and answered all of my questions. I will definitely be going back." ~ M.H.


"Gerri has been wonderful for not only my body but my soul as well. I have been in her care for over 2 yrs and couldn't ask for a more qualified & kind person . She has assisted in my back issues, neck issues and Reiki and reflexology while undergoing treatment for cancer. She always knows exactly what I need! Highly recommend her!!" ~ Elisa B.


"Gerri has been keeping me pain free for the better part of a decade now. She has GENIUS hands, knuckles, and elbows! She finds things that need work in my back/neck that I didn't even know were there. She is SO gifted, and SOOOO nice! Body Wellness is a beautiful studio with a terrific vibe. Anyone will benefit from a visit to this great place!" ~ Mary Anne


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