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Reiki promotes harmony of the mind, body and spirit...

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Reiki is energy healing that helps harmonize the body and improve mental, physical and spiritual health & healing by balancing the Chakra System (an energetic system which correlates to our vital internal organs). The world is made up of energy. Everyone and everything operates at an energetic frequency or vibration. Reiki uses that energy within us and the universe to help balance, harmonize and promote wellness.

Beyond relaxation, the benefits of Reiki are:

~accelerated healing
~relief from pain and stress
~balance of the energies within the body
~maintenance and improvement of the immune system
~release and cleanse of toxins from the body
~increased vitality and well-being
~removal of energetic and emotional blockages
~aiding in recovery from trauma, accident or surgery
~help in spiritual growth

Traditionally, Reiki is performed three days in a row which isn't always convenient in this busy day and age. However, we do recommend that our clients come in at least three times, with no more than one week in between sessions, in order to bring the energy systems into balance. Chronic conditions usually require multiple sessions and the more a person experiences Reiki, the more they benefit. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful experience.

30 minutes - $45; 3-session package $119

60 minutes - $80; 3-session package $215



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